Osteoporosis and loving yourself enough to heal naturally

Osteoporosis and loving yourself enough to heal naturally

In the few years before I learned, I had osteoporosis, I hurt my ribs and was in a lot of pain, this pain was nowhere near the pain I had (still have) with the spinal fractures. That ‘experience’ was to come…

Bizarrely, this period readied me for healing osteoporosis naturally and having the right mindset to do what I do and for that I am grateful.

With the rib injury, my body changed shape and it was tough to love me. When I looked at what I considered to be a hideous body, I hated every part of me. With the muscle tone gone, my stomach was distended and under my breasts and my spine curved, it was confirmed, I was ugly.

As I look back I wonder if this was the first spinal fracture, but as I had two lots of x-rays in this period I am guessing not.

When I looked in the mirror, I felt that my body had betrayed me. Then it dawned on me; the truth once again smacked me in the face, I had never loved my body. And I had never loved me and I stayed in a zone of pain because it felt safe to do so.

Later as the conversations with myself in my journal continued, what presented itself more and more was around self-love and loathing. During one meditation, I heard a voice say we are bringing your body to your heart because there is more to hear. Events on the world stage released a howl from the bowels of my being; I could no longer bear the way in which humans were destroying animals, each other and Mother Earth and how that made me feel. As I resonated with the external world, it was reflected internally. My body wanted to tell me that it was time. Time for love, reconnection to my spirit and to take action.

I knew ultimately that I was responsible for rebuilding and nourishing my spirit and body. But something made me seek external help.

I visited all kinds of healers and therapists; all came with a certificate and their view of what was wrong with me. Some of them I had to question how on Earth they had qualified in human care as they clearly had no idea. Others worked in areas I had not considered and helped to release some long-held unexpressed emotions. I began to know what I wanted, with whom and for how long.

It was interesting how the more I listened to myself the more I knew what I needed. As I started to appreciate my wisdom, a more loving relationship with myself emerged.

A part of being able to hear what your body is saying is learning to love yourself enough to want to listen.

When you hate parts of you or even all of you, it’s a tough call to stop, listen to her whispers and cries for help. If you, like me, have been shunning her for years, her voice will be weak, and you will have to listen just that bit harder.

Our physical bodies are born (typically) perfect. After years of unconscious abuse and battering, they get a bit worn out. This battering is retained in the cells memories and it will take some conscious effort to retrain, but it can be done. Beat a dog long enough, and it will be submissive, just as if you shower it with love, it will return your love a hundredfold. Your body will do the same. For every negative action that you have imposed on your mind and body, there is an equal and opposite positive action that you can employ. This comes down to making conscious choices.

Knowing this was one thing, but doing it was not that easy. What was easy was not looking. I did make myself look. I made myself do lots of things daily to boost my self-love. This meant that when my spine fractured and I was able to immediately say to myself ‘I love myself enough to heal this osteoporosis‘ and ‘I love myself enough to heal all of me.’

I saw osteoporosis as a sign that the foundations (skeleton) of me needed rebuilding from a place of deep love.

When you have any diagnosis for anything (in my case osteoporosis) to heal fully, you must be prepared to face your demons and to find a place of pure love and acceptance inside of you. It is from here you will do what you need to do and you will heal.

And if you love yourself, you will do whatever it takes to follow a natural healing process.

Daily actions to boost self-love and start to heal osteoporosis


Do you love yourself? Are you able to look into your eyes and acknowledge that you are a beautiful soul? Can you look deeply into your eyes and know that you are loved by yourself unconditionally?

Loving yourself is not selfish. It is vital to your well being, and it is the foundation for living your life well.

Our mind, body and souls are all connected. If we are unable to love ourselves, it will affect other parts of our being. So while you may not have a self-love checklist, there is no time like the present to kick-start it and make it a daily habit.

Remember people will treat you the way that you treat yourself. Treat yourself with love and watch what comes back.

Reconnect to your dreams

When you disconnect from your dreams, life can feel a bit stuck. What would your ‘perfect’ day look like? Start your day with a wander into your dreams and feel, see, hear, smell, taste and sense your life and desires. Doing this takes me into a new story of self, where I get to focus on what I want, and this feeds my soul. For example, imagine that this is the day that you are told that your body has healed. Or see yourself doing things that you can’t right now.

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Do you love yourself enough to...?

Hidden Content

Chakra I am love mantra

Start at the root chakra and say each of these with your words (you will find your words), take your focus to each as you say your mantra

  • I am love, and I am safe
  • I am love, and I am creating [put in what you are creating]
  • I am love, and I am [e.g. healed]
  • I am love
  • I am love, and I am heard
  • I am love, and I can see [myself healed]
  • I am love, and we are one

Listen to this affirmation from Rockstar affirmations

Look in the mirror and smile

It is well known that a smile will change how you feel like nothing else. When I take my dogs for a walk, I make a point to smile at anyone I meet. Generally, they smile back. It makes such a difference. Take the time to smile at yourself, turn it into a laugh and watch your mood lift. Even if you think you look a tad bedraggled and perhaps your mood is not the greatest, do it and your day will change.

Clean your teeth and say I love you

It will take you no time at all to clean your teeth, and after your final swish end it with and I love you.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, this is what I accept

As you shower take time to wash with love. When you get out and before you dry off take a good look and say I love and accept you as you are. As you put on your body lotion on massage yourself with extra care and loving words.

Write a note

Before you go to bed, write yourself a little note and put it on the fridge, kettle, bathroom mirror, computer screen or beside your bed. Mix it up. It never ceases to amaze me how surprised I am to find one of these. I’ll even sometimes write one before I go for a walk as it is so fab to come back to a note.

Do I love myself enough to?

Healing - you are not broken and do not need fixing. But your wounds may need some TLC and healing.

Bring to mind something that you want to heal. Ask do I love myself enough to…

It could be something that you are eating that doesn’t serve you. Next time you are offered something that you know is not so good for you ask do I love myself enough to not eat that sickly pretend chocolate? Or do I love myself enough to get off my ass and make a delicious, healthy cake that my body will love?

When your brain screams ‘give me something sweet’,  ask ‘where am I missing sweetness in my life and how can I satisfy the bodily urge for sweet stuff now?’ Typically I get up and make something that my body will thank me for rather than irritate it with stuff it will scream at. Likewise, when I feel tired, I use compassion and take a rest.

Think of toxic people. Do I love myself enough to move away from their energy? Toxic people create stress and stress releases cortisol and that does not help your bones.

Apply this question every time something arises that you know instinctively needs addressing but haven’t. Bring your energy to the situation, ask, breathe, let go, ask and reframe.

State because I love myself I will…

  • will go for a daily walk – bones need exercise
  • go to bed at a reasonable time – sleep is healing
  • skin brush before I shower – it releases toxins
  • stay away from toxic people – they create stress and stress is not good for your bones
  • tell myself I love me daily – because love is healing

This works for me in the moment. If I am feeling lethargic and my writing is not flowing, I state because I love myself I will get off my a** and go for a walk. The walk is usually just what I need to clear my head and return my calm. Before long you will have created healthy loving habits that serve you.

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