Osteoporosis Campaign

It all started in May 2018

In January 2018, my spine fractured. I then discovered I had osteoporosis, I was scared, overwhelmed and bewildered. After being given a prescription and not listened to, I decided to find another way and a another doctor. Then I decided I would help others and so the Natural Osteoporosis Awareness Campaign was born.

I not believe that drugs are the answer, I believe that the body can heal itself naturally, given the right ingredients.

This is a silent dis-ease, but we cannot remain silent. We need to be heard and healed before our bones let us down.

Join the group

Are you healing or have you healed osteoporosis naturally? We want your stories to inspire other men and women that they can do it too.

Join our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/naturalosteoporosisawareness/

Share your story

The stories we tell are the key to our well being and personal growth. Every story contains a lesson and a gift.  
Sharing a blog or an interview is one way to reach the heart and soul of whomever needs to hear it.

My invitation to you is to connect with me and share your osteoporosis or natural healing story.

Download your interview questionnaire

Complete this WORD document and email it back to dd@daledarley.com

Contact the press

Share your story with your local media. Contact newspapers, radio and TV.

Let them know how you have been treated and how you have or are healing your osteoporosis naturally.

So many people - young, older, men and women do not know they have osteoporosis and we can all make a difference by sharing our stories.

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Use hashtags #healosteoporosisnaturally #osteoporosis #naturalosteoporosisawareness

Osteoporosis stories
Osteoporosis stories
Osteoporosis stories
The body knows how to heal - say yes to natural treatment first #healosteoporosisnaturally #osteoporosis
natural osteoporosis awareness #healosteoporosisnaturally #osteoporosis (1)
The body knows how to heal - say no to drugs #healosteoporosisnaturally #osteoporosis
The body knows how to heal - say yes to good nutrition #healosteoporosisnaturally #osteoporosis
natural osteoporosis awareness #healosteoporosisnaturally #osteoporosis

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