What does your body want you to know about osteoporosis? Part #1

What does your body want you to know about osteoporosis? Part #1

Have you ever asked your body what it wants you to know? Have you ever asked it what it wants you to know about osteoporosis?

The chances are that you haven’t and you probably wouldn’t know where to start. In tools for listening to your body, I provided you with some ways to do this. In this blog, we will consider the physical aspects of being human and in another blog discuss the spiritual elements so that you can pull the two together.

When I began to explore what is going on with me, I initially drew a matchstick woman and plotted out all of the physical and mental issues that I could remember from birth. Physical on one side and mental on the other. I then asked how they were connected and what they each meant to me. This was one way that I was able to ‘see’ my picture of health. This was my starting point for considering ‘how did I get here.’

Then I grabbed a roll of brown paper. One of my favourite ways of discovering anything is plotting a timeline and writing down anything I can remember over the years. I believe as I have said before that life causes osteoporosis and so I wanted to uncover as many clues as possible.

Some may say, why look backwards, but I say, if I know how I got here I can put preventables in place to reduce the impact of this dis-ease.

Once you have a timeline in front of you, it’s time to grab your journal, connect with your muse and explore.

Next, I looked at what Traditional Chinese Medicine and five elements had to say (more on this in another blog – it is fascinating). With this, you can see a clear picture and link from physical organs to emotions. Then it was back to my journal and my muse.

Journaling brings clarity and if you haven’t got one, put this on your today’s to do list. It will help you with the journey ahead.

I decided to leave this line of enquiry for a few days before I sat quietly and simply asked my body what it wanted me to know. First, what is the body and how can it talk to me?

What is the body?

The body is an essential physical structure (we’d be lost without it) made up and numerous systems and components which are all (mostly) necessary for a human to function. The body comes neatly packaged in the skin which helps it to breathe and sweat. The skin (for example) allows us to get vitamin d from sunlight, so very important for healing osteoporosis.

The body has a framework called a skeleton – another vital part of us and certainly key when you have osteoporosis. Bones can become porous, weak and fracture.

It also houses the brain an incredible machine for processing stuff 24/7 and the mind, a construct which we believe to be in our heads and responsible for directing our lives (or so it thinks…).

What is the mind?

The mind is where we consider our thoughts, beliefs, habits, emotions, conscience, consciousness, perception, behaviour, intelligence, language, motivation, drive and will to reside. With our minds, we can apply reason, logic and creativity. We can use it to answer all kinds of questions – what, why, how and what if. It is straightforward and sophisticated and works with the brain to manage the systems of the body. I think therefore I am. It’s good to have thoughts; it’s not so good to let thoughts and habits run our lives. Thoughts become our reality, which can obscure our true nature unless we take actions to break poor habits and life from a place of grace and gratitude.

One of the things I have found is that I need to focus on how I am feeling a lot more now. When I was first diagnosed, I was very fearful and full of anger. Now, my job is to remain positive and use various tools to help me to heal.

I can honestly say that osteoporosis has affected how I think, and I have been to a very low place, but writing, journaling and having a purpose has helped me stay on track and helped me to get out of this rut.

What about the mind-body?

Every cell in our body has intelligence, and therefore one assumes, maybe, that it has a mind and memories. Can you imagine what is happening in any cell right now? Or how it does what it does? What we can imagine is that via that intelligence it can communicate with the brain and the big mind to help us to operate and heal our bodies.

Cells hear everything we say, which is why it is important to communicate to your cells that you are healing. You also need to stay hydrated and nourished.

Writing and journaling have helped me see the kind of language I have been using to communicate with myself. We can through writing use good language to communicate with ourselves better.

The body is intelligent and wise

Our bodies are born (typically) perfect. After years of unconscious abuse and battering, they get a bit worn out. This battering is retained in its memory banks and will take some conscious effort to retrain, but it can be done. Beat a dog long enough, and it will be submissive, just as if you shower it with love, it will return your love a hundredfold. Your body will do the same. For every adverse action that you impose on your mind and body, there is an equal and opposite affirmative action that you can employ. This comes down to choices, awareness and taking action.

Every time I have been stopped through illness (physical or emotional) I have naturally learned more about me and how the body works. When I learned I had an overactive thyroid I took radical action, with my diet and it worked.

No matter what happens I ask questions and listen.

Get out of your head and explore your body

By this I mean use your mind’s eye and take a trip around your body to feel any pains. When you take your attention to any part, it will wake up and acknowledge you. Make a note of what comes up.

Lean in and listen

Do as I did, sit quietly and ask. Turn off your inner critic and listen to what comes up. You could also try some deep breathing exercises to put yourself into a trance and then write what comes up. Do not judge and reflect on what you hear or write.

Get touchy feely

Place your hands on the part that hurts, ask your questions and feel the vibration so that you get an understanding of what that part wants you to know.

Drink a glass of water

Get a drink of water and sip it, notice where it flows. What path is it taking, what can you taste, hear, feel or see (inner vision)? Ask the water to flow to where it is needed and ask it to report back.

Say thank you

When you have explored and have the information that you need, say thank you. A bit of gratitude works wonders. I write ten things that I am grateful for every day.


Do something fab for you and your body to celebrate this new level of awareness and understanding. An Epsom salt bath is relaxing and is perfect to get some magnesium into your bones. Add in a face pack, a bit of music and some candles, and you will be in blissland.

Do affirmations

Because you know that your mind obeys you, you can give it a new set of instructions. Repeat these, and soon you will believe them. Language and words are potent change agents, use them wisely. Next time you catch yourself saying something negative about your body, pull yourself up by your boots and change the words. Put self-love notes on the fridge, kettle or mirror and say them when you see them.

Sometimes we forget that the simplest things are sometimes the most powerful. Ask and when you get your answers, keep an open mind and consider what you can do to help your healing process.

Please take the time to explore what your body is saying to you, it will help you to put things into perspective. Not only that you will be able to understand what is going on so that you can take action to heal.



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